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Decorative Hummingbird House Innovative Grass Bird Nest

Decorative Hummingbird House Innovative Grass Bird Nest

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Our hummingbird nest outdoor is very easy to hang at home or outside.
This hanging bird nest help birds keep warm and provide birds with shelter from cold.
This hanging bird nest provides a safe hideaway for birds .

Size: A 15*16cm/5.91x6.30in, B 15 * 19cm/5.91x7.48in, C 15 * 22cm/5.91x8.67in

1.Easy to Hang: The hummingbird nest outdoor with a hanging ring made of raw fiber attached to the top that can be hung from a tree branch or hung from a porch.

2.A Heaven to Escape Cold: On cold winter nights, finches, chickadees, or sparrows congregate in this hanging bird nest to keep warm. The strong structure of the nest can withstand strong winds and cold.

3.Comfortable Home for Birds: Birds will like to rest in these comfortable shelters. Our hummingbird nest decors provide them with the necessary ventilation and comfort.

4.Fiber Material: The hanging hummingbird house is made from woven grass fibers and is tightly woven so that they don't come off easily, suitable for nesting birds.

5.Wide Scene: The hanging bird nests are mainly used in home, office, outdoor gardening, indoor and outdoor decoration. You can hang our grass birdhouse on tree branches, vines, or fences.


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