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Garden Hydroponics Growing System LED Grow Lights Water Pump

Garden Hydroponics Growing System LED Grow Lights Water Pump

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【Indoor Hydroponics Growing System】
9 pods design, no soil, no mess, you can plant various herbs & veggies all year round in this indoor hydroponics growing system. Ideal for basil, parsley, thyme, mint, sage, dill, lettuce, pepper, tomato, petunia, lavender, strawberry & more.
【Large Water Tank & Smart Water Pump】The indoor gardening kit has a 2L water tank with water level scale to tell you how much water remains. Besides, when the water lever is too low, the system will also alarm to remind you adding water. Built in a water pump circulation system for oxygen transportation to plant roots to avoid rot.
【Full Spectrum LED Grow Light】With 15W energy-efficient LED grow lights that simulate sunlight spectrum to promote plant photosynthesis and faster growth. That means you can grow the plants anywhere you like indoors. The height of the grow light can be easily raised or lowered according to different growth stages of plants.
【Smart Automatic Timing Working】When the garden kit is power on, it will work 16H per cycle fixedly (works 16H and rest 8H). During the 16H working time, the LED grow light is of 50% brightness in first 2H(as sunrise), 100% brightness in the following 12H, and 50% brightness in last 2H(as sunset). Meanwhile, the water pump will work 10min and rest 10min in cycle automatically.
【Great Gift for Plant Enthusiasts】Comes with everything you need except for the seeds. You can use it to grow fresh herbs, veggies and fruits. Watching plants grow is an interesting thing. This growth system not only makes your life fun, but also makes your life healthier.

Color: White
Power Adapter: input--100-240V/ 50-60Hz, output--12V 1.25A
Power: 15W
Water Tank Capacity: Max. 2L

Packing List:
1 * Water Tank with Water Pump
1 * Light Stand
1 * Fix Stand
1 * Grow Light
1 * Power Adapter with Controller
1 * Base
1 * Grow Deck
10 * Grow Domes
10 * Grow Sponges
10 * Grow Baskets
10 * Plant Labels
2 * Bottle of Plant Food
1 * Users Manual(English)


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