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Trampoline Water Sprinkler Kids Waterpark Outdoor

Trampoline Water Sprinkler Kids Waterpark Outdoor

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Trampoline Water Sprinkler Kids Waterpark Outdoor Misting Cooling System Kit Multifunctional Sprinkler Water Spray Irrigation

Item description

Length: 6/9/12/15M
The fine forms a nozzle voltex in the guide vane, and a fine hollow mist is sprayed from the orifice.
Can be widely used in plant humidification, cooling, disinfection, dust reduction, landscaping, salt spray test and other artificial fog, such nozzles is punched with the US precision drilling machine, the hole diameter is 0.4 mm, well-made, cost and Gas comparison with humidification, it saves 10 times or more.

The series of nozzles do not need air assistance, the system is simple, the spray mist is fine, the atomization is sufficient, the energy saving and water saving are low, and the effect is good; the stainless steel spray film is processed by The advanced forging process, and the durability is strong. It is 2.5 times longer than the same type of nozzle.
The nozzle can fully utilize the pressure of the tap water for atomization. The use of a high pressure water pump is less effective.

Installation steps:
1. It is recommended to install the atomization system at a height of 2.5m-3m.
2. Connect the adapter to the faucet.
3. Turn on the faucet cleaning system for 1 minute to clean the system and remove impurities.
4. Screw the discharge nozzle onto the tee fitting except the one at the end.
5. Turn on the faucet cleaning system for 2 minutes to ensure the system is completely cleaned.
6. Close the water and install the latest nozzle onto the fitting and use the end plug.
7. The atomizing pipe is fixed by a cable tie saddle clip provided.
8. Turn on the faucet until the sprayer is working and enjoying the cooling atomization system.


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